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Snuffy - Yellow Round Snuffle Mat

Snuffy - Yellow Round Snuffle Mat

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Introducing our Round Snuffle Mat by Cheerhunting, designed to engage and entertain your pet. Here are the key features:

Size: Measures approximately 16x22 inches, providing ample space for sniffing and foraging.
Attractive Design: Appealing appearance that complements your home decor.
Food Concealment: Encourages natural foraging instincts and slows down eating for better digestion.
Non-slip Backing: Ensures stability and prevents slipping during use.
Versatile Hanging Option: Can be hung on chair legs for added versatility.
Machine Washable: Easy to clean for convenience.
Mental Stimulation: Helps develop intelligence and cognitive skills in pets.
Energy Expenditure: Provides a fun way for pets to burn off excess energy.

Enhance your pet's mealtime experience with our Round Snuffle Mat from Cheerhunting!

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