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Petkin - Lizard Dog Squeaky Toy

Petkin - Lizard Dog Squeaky Toy

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Petkin from Cheerhunting are stuffed squeaky plush toys made from durable, pet safe polyester material.

Bring your furry friend some fun! This interactive dog toy makes a noise whenever it is bitten, which encourages your pet to have some fun with you. It can also keep them occupied when they feel anxious or bored when you go out.

  1. Hidden treat pocket for added excitement
  2. A challenging sniffing experience for your dog to discover the treats
  3. Squeaky sounds that add extra fun and keep your dog entertained

This engaging toy is not only enjoyable for your pet but also promotes their problem-solving skills and natural instincts. All Petkin products come with UPC codes for inventory management and retail packaging, making them easy to display on store shelves.

About Cheerhunting: Cheerhunting is a renowned brand, with over 200 satisfied independent retailers worldwide carrying their products. We focus on providing cost-effective wholesale solutions with low minimum requirements, making collaboration easy and convenient. If you have any questions about pricing or shipping, feel free to message us on Faire.


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