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Christmoo - Christmas Snuffle Mat Set

Christmoo - Christmas Snuffle Mat Set

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Introducing the Christmas Snuffle Mat Set, a festive collection designed to provide your pet with engaging and stimulating activities. This set includes multiple snuffle mats and toys that encourage your pet to use their natural foraging skills to find hidden treats, promoting mental and physical engagement.



Star Mat: 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm)

Ball: 5 inches diameter (12 cm)

Hat: 4 inches long (11 cm)

Material: Soft, durable fleece fabric

Festive: Christmas-themed designs to celebrate the holiday spirit

Interactive: Encourages foraging and mental stimulation

Comfortable: Soft and gentle on paws and nose


Perfect for keeping your pet entertained and mentally stimulated during the holiday season, the Christmas Snuffle Mat Set is an excellent addition to your pet’s playtime routine, promoting healthy and active behavior.

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