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Snuffy - Collapsible Rectangle Dog Snuffle Mat

Snuffy - Collapsible Rectangle Dog Snuffle Mat

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Size:30X30cm / 12X12in

Crafted with high-quality polyester material, this pet snuffle mat offers a range of features to enhance your furry friend's mental and physical well-being.

Key Features:

Enhanced Intelligence: The Cheerhunting Dog Puzzle Snuffle Mat stimulates your dog's cognitive abilities, encouraging problem-solving and mental stimulation.
Interactive Play: Keep your dog entertained for hours with this interactive toy, promoting active play and bonding between pet and owner.
Slow Feeding & Choking Prevention: Ideal for fast eaters, this mat slows down mealtime, reducing the risk of choking and promoting better digestion.
Energy Consumption: Help your dog burn off excess energy through engaging play, reducing boredom-related behaviors.
Versatile Design: The mat can be easily secured to furniture, preventing your pet from carrying it away, thanks to its anti-slip bottom. It's also foldable for convenient storage and is easy to clean, as it is machine washable.

Elevate your pet product offerings with the Cheerhunting Dog Puzzle Snuffle Mat, designed to provide endless fun and mental stimulation for dogs while offering practical benefits like slow feeding and easy maintenance. Your customers will appreciate the quality and innovation of this product, enhancing their pets' overall well-being.

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