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Feli Soft Cat Blanket - Ultimate Comfort and Home Protection

Feli Soft Cat Blanket - Ultimate Comfort and Home Protection

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Introducing the perfect solution for pet owners seeking to keep their homes clean and fur-free: the Feli Soft Cat Blanket! Made from thick, soft, and eco-friendly fleece, this blanket is machine-washable, tumble-dry friendly, and resistant to shedding and fading. Your cat will enjoy the ultimate comfort, making it the perfect napping spot.

Moreover, the blanket protects your furniture from scratches and pet hair, keeping your couch or bed dirt-free. Treat your furry friend to a cozy blanket that also helps maintain a tidy home. Order your Feli Soft Cat Blanket today!


  • Small: 50x35cm / 20x14in
  • Medium: 55x45cm / 22x19in
  • Large: 70x50cm / 27x20in
  • Extra Large: 100x80cm / 39x31in


  • Thick, soft, eco-friendly fleece
  • Machine-washable and tumble-dry friendly
  • Shedding and fading resistant
  • Safeguards furniture from scratches and pet hair
  • Comes with UPC codes for inventory management
  • Retail packaging for easy store display

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